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Someone Needs To Invent A Time Machine...

 It would be so cool to go back in time and see some of the great spots in the US before they were

developed and over run with people.

    Like this image of DAYTONA BEACH 1904. Click on the image to enlarge and scroll around.

There are a lot of old images here at SHORPY, enjoy.

Twosday Hit Generator.......

Pay Attention To Your Surroundings This Weekend......

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Notice they use the term "Lone Wolf"...............

The sick ambitions of a caliphate bent on carnage: Chilling map predicts where ISIS will strike the West with 'lone wolf attacks' - as FBI sets up 56 centers to monitor Fourth of July terror threat

  • Experts predict that ISIS will soon awaken sleeper cells in Western countries to carry out terrorist attacks 
  • The FBI is on high alert for the Fourth of July holiday and is reportedly setting up command centers at all 56 field offices across the nation to monitor any threats   
  • The FBI says there is currently no specific, credible threat against the U.S. but Americans should be vigilant

We Can't Even Add The Cords To Earplugs In This Country.......

 Many of you have seen these before:

  I just got a box in and I noticed the label on the sealer tape:

  SO, we mold these and then have to send them to Mexico to have someone melt the cord to each end..... sad. 

Who Knew?, Hillary Has a Campaign Office In Ireland......

borrowed from a comment by Radical Redneck
 at HOOKERSANDBOOZE... which appears to be back!


Most People I Know Feel the Same Way

                                                                    A well written opinion from Brent Bozell

You cultural fascists have struck again. You have shown you will say most anything, and do most anything to advance your radical agenda. But that is not enough, is it? Read the rest of Bozell's opinion here.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

♫♫ A Little Yes for The Overnight...♫♫

> In Memory of Bassist Chris Squire who passed away today.<

re: The Battle Flag Kerfluffle... Leave It Up? or Take It Down? A Poll

Up or Down?

Leave it up!
Take it down!
Take it down, Sloooooowly.. to good music.
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h/t to coauthor Jeffery

Bill Whittle Must Watch Again....

AFOI linked to this video in the post below. It's from 2012 and still
worth watching and sharing:

I Now Am Awake To The Cancer That The Left is in America’s Body Politic

 Submitted guest post by 'A Friend Of Irish'

Conservatives: There’s More to Understand


The recent decisions by SCOTUS have really riled up the Right, and justifiably so (a friend called me today and vented in an honest-to-goodness rant – brought a smile to my face).  In particular, the decisions on what Justice Scalia now calls SCOTUScare, gay marriage, and the you’re-a-racist-even-if-you-don’t-know-it ruling on neighborhood demographics have gotten people very upset – and correctly so for many reasons beyond the scope of this post (I may address them separately over time).  I’m looking at something different.  For all the sound and fury on the Right, too many are still raging at an incomplete picture.

Before I begin, let me give you a little background on myself so you know where I’m coming from.  If you’re not interested in that background, skip down to the “The Meat of the Issue” heading.

I grew up in the Peoples’ Republic of Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Both my parents were staunch Leftists.  In 2000, in Florida, they cast their votes for Nader (thank you!).  I grew up in a Left-saturated environment; every relative with whom I’ve spoken about politics is still of the Left.  But even in high school I was starting to turn Rightward; I wrote a letter to our school newspaper in favor of nuclear power when being anti-nuke was cool.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Meanwhile, In Mexico The Weather Is Hot....

More On The Battle Flag, For What It's Worth.........

Sent in by one of my readers:

Take it with grain of salt if you want. Just wanted to share.

As I talked to my friend the other night, a few more details of what happened to him in regards to the recent hysteria over the "flag" have come to light.
The day before this all happened, Wednesday, his company's internet system went down all day - but the cable TV and land-line phones still worked.

His high speed internet service is carried by the same wire that has the capacity to also provide basic telephone and cable-TV programming. How can the TV work but internet be out? The cable company said that he was nuts, and had a router / modem problem. Basically treated him like an idiot, had no idea of what the issue could be, and that he was the only one that was experiencing it. Magically, right at 6:00, they both came online. Just as the store closed.
He thought it odd and thoroughly irritating, but beyond the hassle of no connectivity he thought nothing of it. At least, until Thursday.

After seeing the news of the orders to remove flags all over the South, Wednesday evening,  he and his wife were posting items they had in stock on eBay. The problem was, they were getting pulled down, as fast as they could list them. The reason, was that the sale of Confederate items on eBay, were in "violation of eBay's terms of service."  More specifically, eBay stated: "eBay has made a decision to no longer permit Confederate battle flag listings...we believe that the image of the flag itself has become a contemporary symbol of divisiveness and racism."

Nazi memorabilia is still all over the place, but any reference to the CSA is verboten!  Using a few different tricks, they did manage to get a few to stay up - for how long is up in the air.

In the morning, he got an email from his three major suppliers - Confederate flags of any type were no longer available. He then called each in turn, offering to buy up their remaining stock. Oddly, each gave him the exact same answer. One company took it one step further and said Confederate flags were not for sale because they were ..."quarantined."

That's when the hair went up on the back of his neck. That's a rather OFFICIAL term for the "independent and voluntary" discontinuing of a legal product by major retailers. That's when he hit the web.

Typing up Confederate flag + buy yielded NO hits - NONE! To top it off, all of the sponsored ads, that link to related products, that are usually there to generate revenue for Google, were missing as well. He had a hell of a time finding anything that managed to slip past the censors. While I was there, he had a local newspaper call. In the course of conversation, he mentioned the Google thing to the reporter. When the reporter did a search and came up empty, ads and all, all he could say was; "Well, that's strange."

An hour before the store opened, the phones started ringing - everybody wanted / needed a "General Lee" flag. When the doors opened, it was a steady stream of people looking to buy a CSA flag, of one type or another. Some were buying stuff just to resell at a profit, others to get one because someone said they weren't allowed to have one. The width and breadth, of the cross section of people that came in to get one, was the most amazing to him. Some..., well some, just scared the living hell out of him - not in a crazy eyes, wackadoo way either; but by been-there, done-that, people-in-the-know way. Those people when asked, said that this was a test - a trial run of sorts. For what exactly, no one really knew - or would say.

Then, he started putting together all the events:
Potentially, a pre-emptive denial of service attack, in regards to information - internet and phone service had occured but the local news affiliate was still available. He had a disruption, regarding communicating to the outside world but was afforded the luxury of receiving cable-TV.

Dissemination of information control?
Potential disruption of commerce due to denial of service attack?
A disapproved item is suddenly unavailable for unknown reasons, why?
If someone can do this to just a flag, what else can they shut down?
Denial of information. Certain info on Google just vanishes down the memory hole?

Major retailers, by the dozens, suddenly have an attack of conscience? When was the last time a corporation dropped a product line, without trying to recoup at least some of its costs? Somebody with the power to strong-arm major corporations, disrupt communications, and control information has exerted a tremendous amount of effort, to pull down a flag.  I wonder whom that might be????

Another item of note would be a conversation he had with another retailer of flags, in a more populated area down in a Southern locale. This shop owner was in fear that he was going to be the next, "Memories Pizza" for selling the CSA flag. The man was genuinely afraid that the "Brown Shirts of the Obamawaffen SS" would descend on his business and shut him down. So he dropped the sales of CSA flags altogether. This is pure Alinskyism, at its darkest.

Then, there is the other issue of the TPP getting rammed through, while this controversy dominates the news. There is speculation, that this will have a direct impact on healthcare in this country as well, essentially making all generic products illegal. Only brand name stuff from now on, Comrade . With the verbal gymnastics that Roberts went through to push Obamacare, the skyrocket, of health-care cost just got its fuse lit. Antonin Scalia, was the only dissenting judge, and his retort about the decision is scathing!

The Lib's are about to understand the consequences of their electoral actions.

Permission To Buzz The Tower?

What the F***? How is this even allowed and why?

The Justice Department will fast track the sending of $29 million to South Carolina to help families of victims of the mass murder of nine churchgoers at a historic black church in Charleston, a Justice Department spokesman said on Friday.



The Apropriation of Cultures.....

I got an email the other day that had a youtube link to "The Appropriation of Cultures" by 
 Percival Everett. 

It is a fictional short story about a young black man that buys a pick-up truck with the confederate flag on the back. In the story he drives around and gradually undermines the flag by making it so popular that it loses it's meaning. That was my take anyway. Yours may be 

Here are a couple links if you want to listen to it being read or if you want to read it.

The reading of the story HERE and the text of it HERE.

Go listen to it or read it.  Think about the context of it, not the outcome.

 Now think about the following:
 ( Bear with me I'm not an english major. I don't review stories and read into deep hidden
meanings into what the author really meant. Like SCOTUS does)

(The "WE" , in the following statements, are the people that see and understand what is happening in this country and the direction that "the powers that be" are trying force us)

What if we all flew rainbow flags or put rainbow stickers on our cars?

What if we all use the gender neutral bathrooms?

What if we all bought and wore Che T-shirts?

What if we all bought and wore Black Power T-shirts?

What if we all greeted our friends with "What up n****r?" ?

If someone asked "How are you?" say "Gayer than a tree full of chickadees!"

 What if we filled out forms and put something other than your true race, or sex?
 If questioned just say that's how you identify. Tell them to disprove it. 

As in the fictional story that started this, imagine the outcome if everyone was doing some
of the above and it just became so common that it loses it's meaning?

You can add more ideas in the comments if you want.

I need more coffee.

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Friday Femme Fatale...


That's One Nasty Beaver....

BEND, Ore. (AP) - Two Central Oregon men were taken to the hospital after they fell into the Deschutes River after being attacked by a beaver near Lava Island Falls.



h/t to wildriver

"This type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries."...wait...What?

   Tunisian officials say a gunman is still at large after a deadly attack on two hotels packed with British tourists left 27 dead.

  coauthor Jeffery wonders if it's due to Confederate Flags being flown in North Africa?

  Has anyone seen one of these ....

.... in Tunisia? They seem to cause mass casualties.